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If there was an award for over-functioning and over-giving...girl, I would have taken home the top prize.
No Joke. 



I was the over-functioning queen. I over-gave like it was going out of style. I poured EVERYTHING into my relationships. More accurately my partners. I would see the potential in them and nurture it with everything I had. I convinced myself if I could be useful, show how valuable I was and be indispensable to them on their path, it would ensure they wouldn’t leave.

I either put them on pedestals waiting for them to fall. Or I would build them up into the men I believed they were destined to be.

And each time these relationships crumbled to the ground I was left mortified. Wildly embarrassed. Humiliated.

Deep down I knew I had abandoned myself to be chosen by a man.

Intuitively I knew I had chosen men who couldn’t and wouldn’t ever meet me fully. Not because I didn’t long for deep enriching partnership, but because even in the longing, I was terrified of the thing I desired most.

I was afraid a partner would see my deepest vulnerabilities and run for the hills.
I was frozen in fear that a partner would reject me the same way I had been rejecting myself my entire life.
I was terrified of being alone.

I would construct relationships that looked incredible on the outside. To everyone else it looked like we were a match made in heaven. But behind closed doors we were worlds away from one another. 

The conflict of the outer world not matching the inner world was a very old, familiar and comfortable story for me. I knew how to write, direct and star in that show.

I had NO CLUE how to show up powerfully in a relationship and be truly mutually met, because there were parts of myself I was still running from.

Places in myself I couldn’t and wouldn’t embrace.
Places in myself I rejected, judged and villanized.
Places in myself I held deep shame, guilt and the paralyzing fear of being “found out.”


I was walled off from the feminine, a lifetime of wounding with women had me reject my innate softness, femininity and forget about sisterhood. That was not happening. My life had taught me women were catty, backstabbing, not to be trusted. It was so isolating and deeply lonely.

I wasn’t standing powerfully in my standards, I had no clue what my needs were or how to voice them and my boundaries would oscillate between being practically nonexistent and rigid like a steel wall.

I was blocked in my capacity to receive and my independence was on overdrive. Receiving felt far too vulnerable and because my boundaries were haywire I couldn't trust myself to open the door to being vulnerable, open and receptive.

My radiance went down the gutter. It takes so much energy to constantly be on guard, mentally processing, overthinking. I had no time for pleasure, at least integrated pleasure.

I favoured the one sided relationships because it gave me a sense of control. I directed the flow. I was generous. I was giving. But because my receivership was blocked I couldn’t dance in the flow of give and take. The flow of generosity.

I was not in my fierce feminine power. I held back truth. I catered to other people's needs and desires even when it meant abandoning myself.

It was messy.

But even in the mess, something true was calling me in a new direction.

I knew deep down I was the only one responsible for designing my future. If I really wanted the life, the love and the relationships I longed for it would require me to change.

I had to learn how to commit deeply to myself.
I had to learn how to embrace my feminine spirit.
I had to learn how to honour my masculine spirit.
I had to learn how to open to sisterhood. Heal in sisterhood. Heal my deep ancestral wounds with the feminine.
I had to learn how to discern the men who were on path from the ones that weren’t.
I had to heal my impulse to fix, mother, initiate and caretake men.
I had to heal my ability to trust myself.
I had to remember how to play.
I had to remember how to embody my radiance.
I had to remember how to be in my body.
I had to open to love more deeply, more vulnerably than I ever had.
I had to open to dancing in generosity, and receivership.
I had to open to being lead by my intuition. Lead by love.
I had to reclaim my belonging.

I had to meet myself fully.

When we desire so deeply to be mutually met, this journey, this path, this remembrance is calling you home.



I'm Ready To Be Mutually Met

Align Into Sending Queen Signals 

When we have a deep desire to be met in partnership BUT it's not happening, we're often unconsciously and energetically emitting signals though beliefs and behaviours that run in direct conflict with our desires. 

Our relationship to the feminine begins here. 
In exploring the full range of your wholeness through a loving, respectful and curious lens we learn to hold ourselves deeply, reclaim sisterhood and open to being fully met.

In months 1+ 2 we explore the roots of any conflicting signals, clean up the beliefs and actions keeping them running, dial in your relational needs and recode the remembrance of healthy sisterhood into our cells.


Anchor In Upgraded Queen Standards

High value standards are essential if our desire is to call in mutually met partnership.

Learning how to stand confidently in our standards is essential if we're to reboot our worthiness after relational experiences where we've not been fully met.

Turning on our confidence, dialling up our feminine energy and understanding how to embody our standards creates a field of magnetism that high quality partners and partnerships are drawn towards.

In months 3 + 4 we upgrade your Queening Standards with explorations into aligned boundaries, dancing with polarity and re-anchoring in pleasure, fun and play. 


Embody Radiant Queen Energy

Being mutually met in partnership requires us to release old patterns of saving, upgrading and mothering our men.

As we shed this old (and often inherited identity) we expand our capacity to be met and we open energetically to our desires.

As we anchor down and into our bodies, free up the energy, re-cultivate deep self trust, and reclaim our wholeness as women we emit the frequency of respect, reverence and deep devotion.

In months 5 + 6 we drop down and into our potent feminine energy, re-awaken our true Queen essence to embody receivership, reciprocity and radiant feminine power. 


Is this the Program Your Heart is Calling For?

Here in this container I trust in your agency. I trust you're a discerning adult who is capable and honest.

If any one of the following descriptions resonate within your heart, your body or your wombspace, sister, welcome to your Mutually Met journey. 

  • You know you’re a queen. You know you’re a catch. You know you have something of deep worth to contribute to a partner.
  • You’re ready to take your Queening and anchor it within romantic relationships. You’re a boss babe, a baddie who is living her best life (by your standards not anyone else’s) and you’re so ready to see this energy translate and be celebrated in romantic partnership.
  • You live your life through the value of radical self-responsibility. You think blaming is lame. You are turned on by the ways you are able to hold yourself capable and accountable.
  • You’re ready. Ready to go down and into the work to reclaim, to remember, to open, to heal and to learn.
  • You’re desiring more high quality sisterhood and haven’t quite found your soul sister crew (or you would like to add more women to your community).
  • You’re single (or separated) and can feel your person is coming and you want to be prepared to welcome him from a place of anchored radiance, feminine embodiment and bad assery soul truth.

    *If you’re in a relationship send me an email at [email protected] and we can flush out if this program would be aligned for your specific situation. It might be. It might not be. It's important we honour this honestly.
  • You like to have FUN, LAUGH and not take yourself (or this work) too damn seriously. There are times this work will be serious, deep and reverent. There will be times we’ll be laughing hysterically, cracking jokes and ENJOYING the process. If you don’t like having fun you won’t like it here.
  • You know you have some cleanup to do when it comes to your standards, needs and boundaries and are willing to take ownership over your behaviour and boss these standards up.
  • You are really comfortable giving to others but you aren’t so comfortable receiving from others. It might make you feel vulnerable, or trigger feeling afraid of owing someone (hello conditional giving wounds..amirite?!)
  • You’ve historically chosen men who can’t meet you, who you've had to mother, who aren’t sure who they are yet. Because they're not rooted the weight of driving and directing the relationship has fallen onto you. You've played the role of primary provider (contribution isn't in equal proportion to your partner) and you’re burnt out (a little annoyed) and possibly embarrassed this pattern keeps popping up...BUT you’re ready to kick it into Goddess gear and transform this coddling into deep, reverent, rich mutually met connection.
  • You FEEL it deep in your bones that this is the program, the healing community and the magic you’ve been waiting for.

How it feels to work with Kelsey


Jen Ungaro

By the end of the program my words to Kelsey were “ you and this program are so necessary in this world”. The tools you gain, the acceptance and understanding you feel, the ways you learn to take care of you, the ways you know how to be an amazing partner, the ability to create a life that really, really feels good to you and be completely in love with it and to know that you have the power to bring people in that life that belong there. If you are reading this or you have come across Kelsey on some platform there is a reason and I promise you that if you just trust that, you are gifting yourself a whole new meaning to your life. If you don't even know the reason, allow that to be the reason - its necessary. 


Jill Pollard

Kelsey is a woman with deep insight, wisdom and clarity. Her personal integrity, depth of character, compassion and enthusiasm for spreading Love shines through in her coaching. Through life experience and her personal journey, Kelsey brings such an authentic approach to her work; she embodies love and grace and leads by example.
Her coaching and teachings have enriched my life and refined my relationship skills, and most importantly, helped me to get reacquainted with my true self. I am now ready to shine fearlessly and fulfill on my purpose every day!

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