For the woman who is HUNGRY for more...


The woman who longs for

More Fulfillment
More Depth
More Play
More Richness
More Connection
More Fun
More Creativity
More Passion
More Love

Is a woman ready to come fully ALIVE. 


Sister, your life is a SACRED REMEMBERING.
You are here to THRIVE not survive.
You're not here to just make it through another day.
To have just good enough. 
To waste more time in mediocre, luke warm love that takes more than it gives. 
To watch your life go by  missing the sparkle, the magic, the juice of creativity and true aliveness.
You were made for so much more.
You were made for magnificence. 

A life on FIRE. By your design. 
A heart beating with the PULSE of LIFE.
A soul so deeply ENRICHED every day feels like a gift to meet. 

To blossom into your greatest, most expansive, brilliant, RADIANT self,
the ROOTS OF LOVE must live in and thrive in you.

A life that feels so good to be in and relationships that bring you to life- require an internal foundation that is STRONG. 

We must tend to the ROOTS of LOVE to blossom into it. 

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Sister, YOU, You are designed for GREATNESS.

There is a FIRE deep in your belly that is ready to BURN and light you up from the inside out all the way through. 

There are dreams in you that are ready to bloom to life. 

There are relationships you're meant to have that will forever change the course of your life and teach you how EASY you are to love. 

There are places your soul longs to explore, magic you are meant to weave.

Your life is ART




BUT the world wont tell you that.

I'm sure you know by now there are forces, people and energies on this planet that are INVESTED and INTERESTED in keeping you stuck and removed  from the TRUTH of your BRILLIANCE.

Imagine the TRAVESTY of  NEVER touching the FULLNESS of your power,  never knowing the wide vastness of your potential and remaining so SMALL you truly forget you are love embodied.

A force.

A wild soul who can't be and shouldn't be tamed.  


These forces do not want you to REMEMBER because
a woman who is ROOTED IN LOVE is FREE.

She is unfuckable with.
Her intuition, her knowing is razor sharp.
Her creativity is ON.
She is constantly weaving the life she wishes to create. 
She is inconvenient, can't be controlled or convinced she is anything less than the BOLD soul she is.
She isn't interested in being told who to be, what to do and God help you if you try and tell her she can't do something her soul is here to do. 
She will push back. 
She will unleash the FIRE.
She will stand for truth.

A woman rooted in love invites the people around her to become MORE of who they are not less. 

Because she is PERMISSION. 

A woman rooted in love, anchored in permission and dripping with ALIVENESS is a FORCE. 

A walking reminder of truth.
A weaver of a world of expansive possibility.

She is here to pave a new unique path only she can carve. A path guided by the heart, a path lead by love.

You are her. 
She is you. 
You are ready. 

Rooted in Self-Care
Embodied in Nourishment

Rooted in Self-Honesty
Embodied in Joy

Rooted in Self-Acceptance
Embodied in Generosity

Rooted in Self-Trust
Embodied in Adventure

Rooted in Self-Honouring
Embodied in Creativity

Rooted in Self-Forgiveness
Embodied in Devotion

Rooted in Self-Expression
Embodied in Play

Rooted in Self-Worth
Embodied in Magic

Rooted in Self-Respect
Embodied in Purpose


These are the foundational ROOTS of love and the gates by which we access them, turn them on and keep them alive, so that no matter what life brings your way, you dear sister able to meet it FULLY.

These love roots are the anchors that allow you to BLOOM fully and trust in the ever unfolding of your human experience. 


To create a life that feels good to be in is the devotion of an
Embodied Woman Rooted in Love. 


A woman rooted in love trusts herself.

She trusts her skills, her capabilities, her knowing. 

She honours her limits and her needs. 

She is honest with herself and deepens her inner knowledge by telling the truth on herself, telling the truth to others and dispelling any false egoic hooks that are in the way of truth. 

She accepts the fullness of her woman, the shadow, the light, the opened, the closed, the mind, the heart- all of it is welcome. 

She liberates herself from the shackles of the past, forgives her mistakes and grows brilliantly from her experiences. 

She courageously uses her voice to speak love, possibility and more truth into the world. 

She boldly holds the standard of her boundaries and needs and respects herself deeply to honour these non-negotiables. 

For she knows when she walks through life radiating her self-worth and self-respect the quality of her life and relationships expand into glorious new levels of possibility. 

This is what she is committed to.
This is her devotion. 
This is the path of the embodied woman rooted in love. 

A woman rooted in the richness of self-love is a woman who leaves a legacy in her wake. 


I'm ready for my Legacy of Love

The Roots of Love

These foundational roots of love are essential for any woman who has longed for more.
Who knows she is here to do more, be more, have more than what the world, her family, her conditioning has told her is possible. 

Any woman who is ready and willing to CLAIM her RIGHT SIZE in the world, be visible, powerful, magnetic and so deeply embodied that the universe dances with delight when she reveals more of her heart, owns her desires and creates the dreams in her heart into form.

A woman who is devoted to anchoring in the roots of love so deep within her she can never go back. 

Back to playing small. 

Back to settling for scraps.
Back to the malnourishment of misaligned relationships.
Back to the deadzone of sleepwalking through life.
Back to a life void of deep meaning, purpose and fulfillment. 
Back to a soul sucking job.
Back to not rocking the boat. 
Back to avoiding the truth. 
Back to ignoring her knowing. 

Burn the boats so you can't return to what doesn't FEED you, to what sucks you dry, to what denies you your rightful space at the table of LIFE. 


You are worthy of it all sweet sister. 
A life that feels so good to be in. 
Relationships that are in service to love, in service to opening, in service to the emergence of your magic. 


Whatever the dreams you hold in your heart, the desires that light you ablaze, those paths are yours to claim and create. 

The deeper you root, the more space you have to dream weave and to bring into form the life you deeply desire. 


That thing that brought you here, that has you still reading and receiving the vital nutrients of this transmission, trust that thing in you. 

It is your compass.
Your map.
Your guide. 


You are destined for greatness.
You are the echo of remembrance in a world fast asleep.
You are the permission for fullness, joy and a life well lived. 
You are a gateway, a portal to liberation and love.
You are it all. 

Will you let yourself BE it?
Will you let yourself HAVE it?


Are you ready to land so deeply inside your own heart that it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to forget the magnificence of your being and the majesty of your soul ever again?

Are you ready to claim your RIGHT SIZE and radiate remembrance and permission?

Are you ready to become so deeply anchored within yourself that you can stand in the eye of any storm and command your energy back?

Are you ready to become so rooted that it is impossible to ever lose yourself again to a relationship, a soul sucking job or to a lifepath that just isn't yours to walk?

Are you ready to be AVAILABLE to life, available to miracles, available to nourishment, available to the mutually reciprocal relationships that set every cell of your body ablaze?

Are you ready to become deeply available to your own heart, your beautiful body, your magic and your creative destiny?

Are you ready to claim back your innate worthiness and live as the expression of your most wild, alive, true, expansive self?

Are you ready to become a living breathing embodiment of a woman rooted in love, a woman who intentionally creates her most magical life day after day and a woman who creates relationships so aligned that all of her can shine boldly and brightly for ever more?

Are you ready to let yourself ROOT to BLOOM?
If you made it this far, sister, this woman IS you. 

Welcome to The Roots of Love Mastermind
A 3 Month container designed to root you back into love, so you can expand into your brilliance.


The next step is to submit your application so I get to know you and feel you before we embark on this beautiful adventure together. 

If you're a details babe, I got you. Just scroll a bit further down for all the logistics. 

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Hi Loves, Let's Better Acquainted...

The Rooted Love process is one I have been guiding myself through for well over a decade. 

It has opened up my world in such a way where I have boldly been able to step into: 


• Healing what was said to be an incurable diagnosis.
• Being paid to travel and facilitate high level events with the worlds top thought leaders. 
• Being featured on national television. 
• Invited to perform my original music on international stages. 
• Performing at the Calgary Stampede at the coveted Nashville North Main Stage.
• Living in more than one dream apartment on the water in my dream city. 
• Leading love retreats in Spain. 
• Writing my first book. 
• Loving my body no matter her size. 
• Creating and sustaining a 6 figure business with ample time for rest, play and creativity aka having a full life and a thriving business. 
• Calling in romantic relationships that have deeply enriched my life and supported me in blossoming into the FULLNESS of my true essence.
• Holding all parts of me with equal reverence, navigating dark nights of the soul and coming through the transformation tunnel.
• Creating a incredible sisterhood of women who truly stand for one another.
• Authoring countless programs on love and facilitating thousands of women and men in the process of transforming their lives.
• Creating an alchemical embodiment method that unlocks stuck energy, releases trauma and opens the channels of potent creation. 
• Writing and releasing original music and not abandoning the message I am here to anchor into the music I write. 
• Allowing each day to be a creative adventure and expand my artistic soul.
• Songwriting and publishing music with Emmy Award winning songwriters and the top global hit makers. 

Just to name a few. 

This is the work I live and breathe. It has liberated my soul and anchored me into the woman I am so incredibly proud to be today. 

I wish this level of magic, success and aliveness for you too. There is enough for us all to thrive together. 

Let's dive in sister. 

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The Roots of Love Mastermind is a 3 month, high connection container limited to 10 women
who are ready to anchor those love roots and blossom into the life that is meant for them. 

These love foundations do not take more than 90 days to anchor in IF you are committed and ALL in. 

For this work to transform you, you must be willing to show up fully for it. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes. 

The Container Includes:

• The Roots of Love Foundations Curriculum (9 modules)
• Weekly rooted love integration practices + challenges + meditations.
• Group mentorship calls and practice calls (where you get the real time experience of embodying the work through play practices with one another in facilitated breakout rooms).
• Guided Alchemical Embodiment Sessions
• Celebration threads in the community space. 
• Private community space to digest your experiences, connect with other beautiful women on the path.
• Resource library of pre-recorded embodiment classes
• Bonus Workshops 

Bonus Workshops and Classes Included:

Eat Like You Love You

An experiential workshop with Kendra Adachi

This is pre-recorded and will live in your library.

Embodiment Class

A guided embodied movement class from India Dania

This is pre-recorded and will live in your library.

Womb Love

A workshop into the Gates of the Womb with Jasmine Rose

This is pre-recorded and will live in your library.

Bless Your Mess

A interactive workshop into the glorious world of making magic from our mess with Christine Banno

This is pre-recorded and will live in your library.

Ready to Join Us? Submit your application here

What it's like to work with Kelsey

"Kelsey Grant changed my whole damn life. Her courses are epic and truly life changing. I met my GUY after a 6 month container with her and I am forever grateful." ~ Alexa Silvaggio

"By the end of the program my words to Kelsey were “you and this program are so necessary in this world”. The tools you gain, the acceptance and understanding you feel, the ways you learn to take care of you, the ways you know how to be an amazing partner, the ability to create a life that really, really feels good to you and be completely in love with it and to know that you have the power to bring people in that life that belong there. If you are reading this or you have come across Kelsey on some platform there is a reason and I promise you that if you just trust that, you are gifting yourself a whole new meaning to your life. If you don't even know the reason, allow that to be the reason - its necessary."Jen Ungaro


"Kelsey is a woman with deep insight, wisdom and clarity. Her personal integrity, depth of character, compassion and enthusiasm for spreading Love shines through in her coaching. Through life experience and her personal journey, Kelsey brings such an authentic approach to her work; she embodies love and grace and leads by example.
Her coaching and teachings have enriched my life and refined my relationship skills, and most importantly, helped me to get reacquainted with my true self. I am now ready to shine fearlessly and fulfill on my purpose every day!" ~ Jillian Pollard

Enrollment Investment

 Pay in Full: $1499usd

Payment Plan: 4 x $379usd

Extended Payment Plan: 
6 x $269usd

Ready to Root to Bloom? Apply For Your Spot Here

Applications close January 22nd. 

This will be the final time I teach this container live so if you feel called now is the time to say YES.

*First group practice + mentorship call is Jan 25th*

Self-Love + Thriving Relationships Transmission Class

Want a little taste of where we're headed?
Watch this free class below! 

YES YES YES!!! This is what I've been HUNGRY for. Let's do this!!