About me

Welcome to The School of Embodied Love

I am Kelsey, the Founder and Creatrix of The School of Embodied Love. 

I am an artist. 
A writer. 
A songwriter. 
A singer.
A creative.

I am also a spiritual guide and relational mentor. 

Artist and creative first. Guide second. 

It has taken me 4 decades to really land here 

My work is the intersection of creativity and creative expression X the embodiment of love and relational mastery. 

The School of Embodied Love is where we come together to learn how to anchor the roots of love so deep we burn away the old identity patterns of co-dependency and bloom into the EMBODIED person you were born to be.

It is where we learn how to  embody love through our own unique creative channel and embrace our true capabilities to create the relationships that feel so good to be in and a life that lights you all the way UP.

You may relate to being an artist, you may not. Either way you are a CREATIVE FORCE. 
When we are out of alignment with this creative force our old patterns, conditioning and unconscious identities lead the way. 

This is how we end up in a life that is void of aliveness and relationships that keep us locked up in mediocrity. 

You are designed to THRIVE.

You are designed to CREATE.

You are designed to LOVE. 


In The School of Embodied Love we explore the reclamation of the creative spirit that lives in you, anchoring the foundations of love, and creating a life and relationships that light up your soul.